TMS is a vehicle that I created to carry these main four; poetry, short story, novel, imagery, and other minor thoughtscapes. I am TMS and TMS is me, so I may not have created TMS but, TMS may have created me, regardless of genesis, and all that was said and done it has come out as the nom de plume, to all the writing that I do, and want to do.


I don’t really like to talk about myself so I’ll just paint a rough sketch, I was born in a neighbourhood like this, it’s me in the baby pictures. English is the third language I learnt to speak growing up, I walked before I talked.

Now I’m 25 years old, and life is philosophical, member of some or other institute of financial markets, Bachelors in Economics from a University ranked in the top 40 BRICS universities, 40 is a large number, but remember BRICS is Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

I write for the love, writing makes me happy; it feeds my thoughts and makes my souls smile. if the current socioeconomic model that I’m running could support it, I would be writing for a living.

But I’m always looking for an updated home edition socioeconomic model, home edition is the model that only applies to your life and not wider society. Who knows maybe I will find a future model that enables me to write for a living, and still meet my other requirements, but for now the model that I’m working with requires me to suite up, and be suited up for the years to come, unless an extraordinary event occurs.


Frivolous information about me, let’s see

I’m currently enthralled by the following movements, Surrealism, Art Deco, expressionism. Expressionism my number one philosophy at the moment, and has seeped into everything. What else

impressionism, romanticism, and so many. others. A philosophy, manifesto or idea, beauty, composition, so many things going on

I listen to all types of music from Canibus, Jason Mraz, Cinematic Orchestra, Tyga, HIrd, Bonobo, Cafe Del Mar, the list goes on, chaotic cross genre if its good and catches my attention, then I’ll listen to it. Music for me is about mood, so if it speaks to any of my moods in a clear voice, then it’s got me.

I enjoy reading, but when I read I prefer to get away so no motivational, Nonfiction, inference sort of books. When I read I prefer straight up fiction, and the further it is from our current point in time, be it future or past the better.

I’m lactose intolerant, love wild animals, not a fan of domestic pets, in love with smoking, social drinker. I like planning, and knowing what I’m going to do in advance, because it frees up my mind, and reduces minor and repetitive decisions.


What else? I sometimes think that there’s something psychologically wrong with me, but I won’t ask for help. My mind switches between academic and creative pursuits randomly, I could spend a month in art, and just suddenly, switch to research, writing, acquiring request for information forms…, too much is going on at the same time, and nobody can find the host, because he’s having  too much of a good time somewhere in the party.

That’s me, that’s TMS


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