Everything is thought, everything that you write, and I write and I say, and you say is thought and thoughts. Everything that we interact with be it physical or intellectual is thought.

Let me explain.

All of our sensory input, sight touch smell etc, all of those sense, all of our sense are not perceived out there, touch is not felt on the skin, sight is not seen with the eyes. Our senses are just signal transmitters and all perception occurs in the mind, as thought.

This idea is fundamental to the current philosophy behind my practicing of poetry. How so?

Words have become insignificant, their meaning reduced, their forms broken and turned, why? Because as it is right now, words serve only as a vehicle to carry my thoughts, they are no more the end, but the means to an end, they are the bridge between me and you. I start every poem with a thought, what do I want to share with you, show you, teach you, and then do I look for the words, play around with their fit, cut and paste here, exaggerate, almost there, curb there, sculpt hold, poem.


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