Burlesque Bordello, characters, fallen swans, art students, rich Dutch royals, Noire detectives with their cigarettes, and seductresses, 1920’S Europe Sophisticated Erotica.  Prince of Brazil, heirs to fortunes, young queens, refined, and romanticised, reflecting the era, engaged in decadence, sexual excess, no consequence.  Cabaret, Cabaret, Cabaret.



Late night,

Dinner party finally over,

Guests, family, friends.

Fallen snow.

Chauffeurs holding up,

Walking with,

Helping in their masters.

House staff, pushing to get everybody out

With all of their things,

If not leaving,

Helping them settle in for the night.

In the commotion

Three bottles of wine smuggled up

Into room, door behind locked.

Young princess drunk saying to cousin;

“Oh this fireplace is too warm,

I always tell Louie to make a small fire,

I don’t want to lie sweating away in bed.”

Cousin turning,

Pushing her against door.

Face to face.

Alcohol on breath.

Moment of silence.

Bottles dropped onto lush carpet.




Two floors above the club

Grand piano

Tired private party

Entourage, friends and bodyguards

Still fingering,

Stumbling around naked

Bottles all over tables,

Half spent, half-still gorging,

Alcohol, flesh on flesh,

Flickering tongues,


Double penetrations,


Quick breaths,

Careless seed jets.

On a couch,

Indifferent to the open sex acts,

Professional eater of the fruits of the world


Long hair, fully dressed in white and rose

Spoiled, rich, rotten

Used to always being the beautifulest boy around

Taste of cognac and chocolate on lips

Compliments of the Chocolatier.

Opium pipe in hand,

Bare breasts,


Ass a breath away from cheek

Not even into it.

Mellowed high,

Occasionally looking across the room.


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