This is a series of poems about horses in different settings and scenario’s.

It was born from my intellectual love affair with horses, their movement, grace, build and beauty is forever fascinating to me.

Combined with other unconventional subject matter Horses, tells different stories about horses, not from a simple love point of view, but from other challenging views ( WARHORSE, SPIRITCHASER,WET GRAVE,)  that you will not easily come upon.



Hoof on turf,

Slowly moving,

Floating on the forest floor.

Barely touching the damp dirt,

Quiet puddles,

Brushing the earth.

Not breaking a single branch

Or disturbing a single fern,

Even when leaping through the thickets

Running through the forest

Performing quick turns mid leap

In silence.

At monstrous speeds

Ducking evergreens

That are perceived just for split moments

In between flash movements



Disappearing deeper

Into the undergrowth,

Never to be seen again.


Tired of being chased away from the tree of life,

Bored, looking for something new.

Leisurely drinking from the lake of youth,

Trotting onto the surface,

Wondering where the little elf prince is.

Ruler of this sea rising up,

Don’t feel like philosophy,

Quick flap of wings across the lake,

Into the forest.

Floating over faerie glen,

Easy landing in a clearing.

Tempted by the apples of a tree of knowledge,

Observing the curiosity underneath,

Naked, weak,

Huddled sleeping.

Elf prince silent approach,

Heard only when whispering into ear,



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