Casually held back by saner thoughts

Loosely tied down by consequence

Lightly bound by belief

Captured by reason


And a fear of monsters

Yet every now and then

I see a leprechaun

And forget that I am chained up,

As we casually chat, sunset

At ease through the greenery

Walking towards the edge.

Sitting, feet hanging over, looking down

At the beach

Instinct telling me that I could be at peace,

I could breath

Leprechaun telling me I could just be


And live from whim to whim like the sea.


Blink out of the dream

Into bloodshot eyes

Wildly looking down at an ancient land

Where anarchy rules,

Where were from, and where we all belong

Gloomy skies

Sane thoughts struggling to pull me back,

As I gasp for the edge, releasing a war howl

Consequence in its entirety desperately holding onto my chains

As I foam and rage, clawing

Crawling, spitting, fighting

For freedom like a wild beast

Boldly biting,

Bleeding as the constraints of reason cut into my flesh

Smashed by sane thoughts,

Crushed by consequence,

Brutalised by reason,

Beat down deeper into a bloodied pulp,

By belief, until I finally submit

To my masters, and walk back,

Calmly from the edge

Not as a beast, but

As a man


Those Who Are Haunted By The Night


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