The Data Baron speaking in his own voice

I am a data Baron,I support and benefit from piracy, I have grown data rich beyond my wildest dreams.I have terabytes of movies, series, doccies and anime.
were as most people stockpile stuff that they have watched,I have a watch then delete policy,and I only stockpile stuff that I havnt watched,terabytes upon terabytes.

Now you would think that this would be heaven on earth, never being short of things to watch,but its not all that.Due to abundence I have developed a short and erratic consentration span, I stop shows mid episode, start a series and just stop watching a few episodes in,look for something else, Even with shows that are called hits&spellbinding,no series seems to be able to grap my attention anymorw.When I was data poor and younger I used to get a series,and watch it from episode1-end in one night or as long as it took,now not even series that Iv been watching for five seasons moves me.
my viewing pallet has become so refined and emotionally atuned, that I no more watch shows and see where they are going emotionally,I now look for shows that match up with what im feeling at that second,and fufill the mental play im looking for.

Given where I am in the world, Ive watched more
than most, and have even forgotten, but Im off tune with other data Barons and Lords because ive got such a huge backlog,my viewing momentum is hovering around zero,terabytes, but feel like I dont have anything to watch, and I cant even motivate myself to watch, I miss season1 lost,24,Heroes,The Wire,Fringe,OZ…etc


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