Ponytail hair pulled back
Five o’clock shadow
Thumb and pinkie rings,
Wife beater.
Easy walking in.

Late to the party,
From the front
Through the house
To the back,
Familiar greetings,
Head nods,
Long distance hand signs
Two-second conclusion to past conversations,
Previous laughs on recognition.
Scene characters.
Fist bumps, high fives,
Kisses on cheeks
Hug and hits given.

Bros’ and sis already mixing,
Deep in the party
Back yard
Sister dropping the pipe running up,
Jumping hug kiss,
Drunken high beyond bliss,
Greeting followed by melancholic whisper,
“We almost out bro”
Into Shouts of fuck!
Back into giddiness.

Same cool expression on Joshs’ face,
As when he walked in,
Cigarette lit,
Keys taken out, and thrown to boys,
“Check the back of the truck”
“John called I got you sis.”




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