Doping the dragon

After the end of a relationship era there comes a period where you feel as if you’ve seen all of the beauty in the world,and there is nothing left to move you.Guys or girls are going to have to work for that spark, because you have mastered doping the dragon that is in your heart,stonecold to lukewarm. Days weeks months, even years nothing happens, you even start to think that the dragon is finaly dead,but on an unexpected day in an unexpected place, somebody smashes into you with the force of a leaping rhino, god damn dragon roar, like,love, wow, giggles, blush, smiles,lookaway,dragon fire, warming chest, keeping the smile open.
After the past we all think that we are going to wear stone faces, and cold hearts, but all that goes out the window when you meet someone who can talk to the dragon in your heart


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