The patron god

There seems to be a lot of intelectuals who are looking down on religion knower days, calling it the poor mans opium, the land of the uninlightened and the such.
But these people fail to remember or dont realise that almost if not all of the worlds great civilizations where backboned by a religion,a worship in a god or gods.The Mayans,Egyptians, Greeks, Sumerians, to name a few all belived in a god or gods.And the adoration of these deities produced some of the greatest architectural, artistic,philosophical, and literary works in all the history of mankind.
The pyramids of Egypt,a vast amount of Rennaisance art, the concept of infinity, seasonal and lunar calenders, the Mayan pyramids, almost all of primative art,stonehenge,the list goes on.
Regardless of wether he exists or not,God has always been the greatest source of mans inspiration and imagination.


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