Being seen in the scene

Why is it that people who are new to a scene always ask stupid scene status questions like,How can you smoking that brand,its so light,not drinking tonight,isnt it a bit early to leave,where you been hideing,no weed? and other such mundane questions.since they just started being part of the scene their minds cant conceptualize that what they’re starting to see and do now,some of us in the scene have been doing for decades.
We’ve been smoking, when they where in nursery.This brand is the9th we’ve smoked.we used to drink everyday early millenieum, we’ve drunk brands that’re no longer in existance,at places that are now long forgotten. They picked up their first drink2013 and want to act like we ancient drinking buddies and want to question us?We’ve seen and done so much seen so many drunken sunrises,it would take years for them to catch we feel no qualms with having a single drink and being at home by8.
Scene newbies so tiring


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