The Love Of A Smoker, To A Cigarette.

You never officially quit smoking, you just up and leave one day out of the blue.leave her with the cars, and houses and never look back, for months until you run into her at a charity event that you chose to go alone to, because you RSVP’d when you where still together,so your seats are next to each other.
when you get there you sit next to the empty seat next to her,but before you speak you are told by the chaperon that your table is the one adjacent and the seat that you are in is for her and her date.
oh,get up and excuse yourself,she says its okay and nothing get up,get to your seat,and look at her.she lifts up her glass to you, all the things that you left behind meant nothing, when you met she was already rich, you thought you broke her heart,but you loved her more than she loved you.

later that night, shes ontop of you,back of the limo,bottles bare breasts and drugs everywhere.nibbling on ear,before she bites your lip into a kiss,you look into her eyes for a second,past the lust,and feel okay with you loving her,and her not loving you.


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