Missclassification of Literature(Mature content)

Missclassification of literature, why it is literary porn and not erotica.

I have a problem with the usage of the genre classification erotica, not the genre itself, but the classification of literary works as erotica, most indie writers who classify their works as erotica,dont understand what erotica is.

To understand what erotica is and isnt lets look at film first.There is a huge difference between an R18 and an Xrated movie,and the difference is not in the differences that seperate them,which can be a thin line,but the difference that you feel once you’ve crossed into one or the other.In film erotica is not porn,the two stand seperate.In photography also the distinction is clear,youl never find a pornographic picture posing as a fashion editorial photo,but in literature there seems to be a lot of miss-classification.

Im a fan of erotica across all mediums,Im an adult, and its adult beauty,style and classyness is a alluring to me.Its vividness and the amount of great works of art, cinematic,theatrical, photographic…etc under its influence is vast,and beautiful
but when writers just throw teen coming of age sex stories,and books that are just sex scenes,and othe obsene genres, as erotica,this makes me angry,literary porn is not literary erotica,writers know and respect your genres.


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