The Minimalist Poet

If you’ve ever browsed any of the common ebook sites and stumbled onto my works.You may have noticed that the works are many,but the word count is low,why is that?
If you’ve read any of the poems that Iv posted here you’d know the answer,I’m a minimalist poet. I dont build giant heavy complex structures,in my poems I strive to use the least amount of words.My poems dont have filler words or paragraphys,every word works.
I use this writing philosophy in my poetry because iv realised that giant poetic structures make you lazy,because you can always resolve whatever device you have initiated,paragraphs or hundreds of words later,but if the poem is only twenty words long,whatever you start better be resolvable in five or ten words or the poem is going to fail. So you work harder,spend hours pondering a words position,instead of hammering out,you start chiselling out poems,weeks after writing still going through post production.
Thats me.

Big structures also allow you to build up your imagery slowly and progressively,knowing that they have the words to cover up mistakes people skimp and take chances,try to sell half cooked pictures.But if you write minimalisticly your imagery has to be precise and crystal from the first word,or your poem will fail.
This is why I love writing minimalistic poetry,it demands so much.
Try it,throw away your filler words,large sentences and srtuctures,hold only a few words in your hands,and nothing else,push yourself practice with the barest and hone your art.


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