The Problem With I

I’ve got serious problems with up and coming poets usage of the first person perspective.If each and everyone of your poem starts with I or is littered with Is’ and wes’ and shes’,my mind auto logs off because more often than not,the poem will not transcend.what does transcendance have to do with poetry? A poem no matter how personal or worldly its subject matter is has got to be able to transcend its writer and appeal to the wider human condition. without knowing a single thing about the writer,after reading the poem,I must feel like I know the emotional scope of the poem without requiring any outside information,a poem should be is like a world, self contained.

Another problem with “I poems” is that poets tend to become lazy in their usage of the figures of speech,the poet rambles on about his sadness,broken heart,he or she,their great love,but does it in such a sloppy careless way.Its like they throw a bucket of emotion in your face,instead of building elaborate structures filled with flowing emotion that give the reader space and depth to delve into those emotions.

Also I poets are scant with their writer,narrator seperation.Its hard for the speakers voice to be any other voice than that of the writer,and sometimes the poem is set in some other place/time,but as the reader you cant get into it because of all the I dropping.I this I that.That always sound like the writers voice.

in my poetry,youl probably only find five I’s. because I know the trappings of I,im even minimalistic in my usage of personal pronouns. In my poems,things happen on their own.

As poets we’ve got to keep pushing ourselves, I and writing about my life,and my emotions is old.Take those emotions that you feel and wrap them up in elaborate metaphorical structures,figure and parts,poetry is an art,so lets push this art forward.


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