Seated on a chair of corpses

Armrest of hands open, facing up,

Skinned legs of men,

Skeleton of torso looking away,

Secured by crossing bones

Anchoring the backrest.

White Wolf skin falling across the queens shoulders.


Fully crowned

More girl than women,

Petite hands on lap

Slender fingers ending with translucent nails

Porcelain ageless face,

Eyes of a lover

Black lips promising a kiss

Delicate frame wrapped up in a blood red dress.





This painting is of the 6th queen whose name has been retired. It is said and it is written that she was one of the most blood thirsty and ruthless queens of modern times. Encyclopaedia De Vamprio, elaborates on all her massacres, blood parties, and fascinations in torture.


Those who defend her say that she gained power deep in the darkness of a dark age. Most of the great races and older man had left, causing a population boom in the lower human and minor supernatural races, so they say she had to be ruthless and unflinching in order to deal with this new world.


This painting is done to show her dominance over this new world, The chair made up of human limbs and bones, is to show complete and utter control over younger man, the fact that they could be killed and molded into furniture emphasize total dominance over them and their existence.


The wolf skin represents dominance all of the minor supernatural races, and it also more importantly represent the Wolven usurper Attican, who the queen swore she would skin and wear, before the world ends.


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