The architect as a pupil

Every few years or so,I go through a period of missing high school,I miss how as a crew or group of friends you could own territories/chill spots and keep then just through reputation alone,now if you want land or space you pay.
I miss having underlings who just followed you because of who you are,now you have to pay your staff if you want people to follow you.
I miss being able to openly hate someone,now to show hostility is frowned upon, all smiles face to face, talk shit behind each others backs.
I miss how if you got into trouble things would be solved within the school,talked,punished,ironed out. now the first reaction is to call the cops,they will deal with you.
I miss the day being done at two,now two feels like midday,only half the drama of the day is over.
I miss doing ilegal things,not out of badness but just out of rebelliousness,now the worst I do is piracy.

the biggest thing that I miss though is how it wasnt about the money, you could be rich and still be a loser.I miss how it was all about reputation respect and credibility.Now its all about money, and that money has blurred and distorted everything.


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