Trailer park Laureate

I hate Intellectual snobbery,be it literary,music,art,movies,anywhere we a person would call themselves a connosier,and look down on you because you havnt read or even heard of this and this author,seen this and this movie,and the such.
people who say “my word how can you!”when you tell them that you can spend the whole day watching TV,not even news,but E, and food,and reality TV. These snobs talk a good game and inteligent but when you ask what they have on paper, rarely do you go above a BA,I dont even recognise some Bcom disiplines as standalone qualifications, BA…

I enjoy reading,but I dont want to read books, about nothing,boring peoples lives, writers struggling to write,soul searchers,or worst of all bio and autobiographies.literary snobs dont have enough going on in their lives so they want to read about other peoples boring lives that are like theirs,I dont Iv already got enough drama in my life.

Im a true blue trailer park reader,movie/TV watcher, just give me action,fantasy Sci Fi, historical fiction,suspense fighting,comedy,good plot and you got me.I dont need no deep soul searchings or books about nothing.

Life is already complicated as it is,the issues that we are facing seem insurmountable,enemies are moving in the when I read or watch something Im looking for it to take me away,for it to channel my thoughts somewhere lighter,so some mental spring cleaning can be done,so that when I return to the real world I can see things clearer.

thats it.


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