My third world

Im from the third world,born bred and is more difficult and challenging in the third world,and the bottoms are way deeper.
most people from1st world countries when they think of the third world,they think of poverty,starvation,war,charity,all of these are true but they are not my realities,let me tell you a bit about my third world.

In my world,my life and my circles, people have live in maids as a standard,pools,drive polos, mini coopers bmws and mercs to name a few,go on holiday every year,easily spend a grand during a night out,study overseas if they want,buy townhouses worth more than a mill,2PS3s in the house.working or hustling towards that self made mill.
after we got out of poverty,I spent my teenage years in a house where me and my sister had our own floor that had a balcony,lounge,bathroom,study area and a guest i have lawyers that I need to pay for things,doing my own paper chase,trying to get to that hundred thousand,and then millionaire lifestyle.

this is my third world reality,so the next time you think of the third world,no pity please,because there may be people there who are living even better than you.


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