Carved from a granite tower,

Consisting of only muscle,

Black as death.

Always calm as night

Descended from a five thousand year old bloodline

With names such as Hero, Darkness, Sabre, Widowmaker

Warrior and Angel of Death.


A bloodline

That has carried kings to their doom,

As they sought to capture glory

Conquers to glory,

As they entered the promised land

Defenders to the Promised Land,

As they made history

Warriors into history

As they defied death

Warlords to their death

As it all fell apart.


In its element in the thick of battle cries,

Fogs of war flooding forests

Swinging axes,

human excrement on the floor,

Screaming men caught up in blood lusts


Pleading boys crying as death approaches

Roaring heroes wielding dual swords.


This is its world

Charging into the chaos

Without pause or hesitation

Armoured up,

Leading an assault


After it all

Standing tall

With whoever did not fall

Surveying the field

Not as a horse,

Or a beast,

But as a monster of war.


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