The greatest poem in the world

During quiet times, I find myself thinking about the greatest poem in the world.who will write it, what will make it so special that across schools of thoughts it creates consensus that it is the greatest poem ever written? will it be written in my lifetime,in what language? will it bring joy sorrow or deep contemplation?

humanity has biological limitations that limit our intelectual capacity,as a species due to our brain structure there are limits that we will never be able to surpass,peaks beyond which we cannot climb,this trickles down to everything that we do that involves,science,sport everything.

but there is an upside,these peaks are only known when somebody surpasses the norm and reaches me im just chilling observing poetry waiting for that poem that will show us,i cant even fathom how,but it will show us that we have reached poetrys peak poetrys apex. The greatest poem ever written in the world.


One thought on “The greatest poem in the world

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