Deep dark, quiet,

Late summer night.

Weather past peak, slowly dipping.

Weeks Into the season, enthusiasm to hunt

On the estate, for staff and family all but gone.

Uncle invited friend over for weekend hunt, final hoorah,

Friend bought young awkward son.


Met the young princesses, cousins on Friday,

Saturday night told to stay awake,

We’ll come for you.


Late night, household asleep,

All lights off, except for the passages and hallways.


Movement in the children’s wing,

Young princess and cousin walking out,

In sleepwear,

Confident that there is no one there to hear,

Older brother away on holiday

Friends father a governor at some colony.


Cousin asking why son would choose to stay in the guest wing,

And not with us,

Young princess answering, that’s where he’s fathers staying,

As she leads the way,


Lefts, rights, shortcuts, hallways, upstairs.

Door knob slowly opened and turned,

Cousin quietly calling into the dark,

Movement deep in the room by the bed,

Friends’ son slowly approaching,

Dressed for the day, before he could speak,

Told to keep quiet and follow.


Rights, lefts, shortcuts, hallways, downstairs, passages

Lefts, rights, downstairs, double doors opened,

Into indoor swimming pool.

Greek god murals

Moon streaking through the glass roof,

Tinting the gods,

Illuminating the water.


Princesses letting go of the friend’s son,

Jumping into the water loudly,

Friend’s son asking if no one will hear that,

Young princess replying,


“We can be as loud as we like,

We’re far from everybody”


Cousin, telling him, to jump in,

Son saying I’m not dressed for water,

Cousin swimming to the edge and out,

Wet nightwear now see through,

Son in shock, scared.


Aware that gamers games like these existed,

But never dreamt he would play.


Cousin walking up,

Taking of his waistcoat,

Tie, unbuttoning shirt,

Pants off.


Hard hesitant to go nude.

Cousin leading him,

Taking off what little she had on and jumping in.



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