Deserted church,

Streaking moonlight across benches

Fluttering dust in the night,

Deep within flight,

Friends all dead.

No fight left.

Meat eating children of the new world

Minutes behind,

Howling out of their minds.



Last possible steps

Leading towards the alter,

Searching for salvation,

Unaware that there ever was a god

Unable to complete the steps,

Dead man’s trinity,

Sweating, cold, tired,

Fuck it.



Backpack dropped

Last real tobacco cigarette Lit,

Deep drags, savoring every bit

Grenade pin removed, pressure held.

Doors burst open,

Screams, and laughs, and howls, and tears.

Think about throwing it,

Realize how tired,

Last drag,

Exhale leaves with the finger release.

War Life Death Gloom The Post Apocalypse

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